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Vertical Conveyor Solutions
Boxline Automation manufactures the reciprocating vertical conveyor standard product, ideal for transferring between different levels. The product is of high power and efficiency. It adopts Japanese advanced technology from HOKUSHO, and uses light-weight equipment, which makes it an ideal choice for energy saving conveying. The Reciprocating Vertical Conveyor achieves free transmission between multi different levels. It can satisfy all types of trays and trolly transportation, widely being used in different logistic centres and production field. Boxline Continual Reciprocating Vertical Conveyor is a classic model, almost suitable for all types of vertical transport feeding; using advanced Japanese technology, manufactured locally being cost-effective.
Product Features
  Easy and convenient to assembly
  By combining other different equipment into a system, it easily builds a three dimensional continual conveyor line, achieving working in high efficiency.
  Suitable for a wide range of scenarios.
  As the most classic vertical conveyor system, it satisfies requirements of conveying all kinds of products. It is very commonly used in all different warehouses, distribution centres, and logistics centres.
  Easy layout and maintenance
  Using modular design, which enables it to be assembled transformed easily, making it convenient to use and maintain.
  Energy Saving and Environmentally Friendly
  By using light material and low energy demanding technology, the product only requires low power drive during operation.