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Latex Type Box Packaging Solution
HS-5035 series two-in-one heat shrinking packaging machine is a product developed by Boxline adopting Italian technology and using components <link:components> and <link:and> parts <link:parts> from Japanese brand OMRON, NAIS, American GE and other internationally well-known companies, which is a small size heat shrinking packaging equipment that strictly follows international standards.  It has the benefits of easy to operate, a wide range of usage, reliable sealing, high transparency, low cost and ideal for the packaging for moderate to small quantity of products: including shampoos, washing liquid and body wash.

HSL-5035 could be used for a wide range of medicine cases, bottles and other fully enclosed packaging and the packaging of a group of cases and boxes. It could replace the medium size cases, significantly reducing the packaging cost and has an advantage in aesthetics, water proof, dust proof, breakage-proof and extends the expiration <link:expiration> date <link:date> of the products.
  The product includes Sealing and cutting and shrinking two steps, which is easy to operate with high efficiency. It is also convenient when changing products without having to change modules, ideal for factories with a wide range of products of small and moderate quantities.
  The product above could be used with combination of other products including automatic conveyor belts, automatic case unpacker, automatic case packer, automatic sealing machines, automatic code printing machine, automatic code scanning machine and palletising robots.
  The products would be automatically lined up being sent through the automatic case packer. At the same time, the automatic case unpacker would fold the paper box into shape, seal the bottom and be sent at the bottom of the automatic case packer.
  The Robotic Arm would then start sucking up the lined up products and place them into the paper box. The cycle would then restart until the process is finished with the box being filled with products.
  After the packaging, the box would then be sent to the conveyor belt to the automatic box top folding and sealing machine, the light sensor at the front of the automatic box would detect the box and have the machine folding the top of the box automatically.
  After the sealing process, the box would be sprayed with code using the code printing machine. The box would then be scanned automatically into the system.
  After code scanning, it would be sent to the strapping machine , strapping atomically for the sealed box.
  The box would then be proceeded into the palletising process.
  If the specs for the products above is inconsistent with the real product, please contact us via phone for the specific details.

Height of the workbench — 730-780mm
  Voltage — 220V/50Hz
  Power— 0.6kw
  Packaging Limits and Maximum Size: 400mm×300mm×300mm
  Sealing Time — 0.4-0.8S
  Heat Shrinking Temperature
  Heat Shrinking Time
  Adoptable Film — POF PP PVC  PE
  Thinkness of the Film —0.012mm-0.1mm
  External Body Size — 1450mm×730mm×1100mm
  Total Weight — 100kg