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Tray Conveyor Solutions
Chain conveyor mainly includes parts of the frame, drive assembly, supporting leg, conveyor chain and guard bar. On the driving frame, the motor drives the conveyor chain at both sides through the drive shaft, and driving the move of the supporting bar on the frame. On the driving frame, a conveyor chain tightening device would also be installed. The clients can choose to have either carbon steel or aluminium alloy. Boxline Automation Tray Conveyor series products mainly include: 1. Chain Conveyor belt 2. Roller table conveyor 3. Plant setter 4. Tray rotation table 5. Disk removing machine 6. Shuttles
Product Features
  Standard chain machine maximum length is 6000mm
  Simple structure, operates stably and follows the Chinese National Safety Standard
  Assembles in modules
  Easy to assembly and maintain
  Suitable to indoor tray delivery
  Length: the standard length is between 1000-6000mm;
  The width is dependent on the size of the try, the centre distance of chain is selectable for 700, 850, 950 and 1050mm
  (Under normal circumstance   The centre distance of chain=Width of the Tray -150mm)
  Minimal height of the surface of the chain is 500mm
  Standard product: the maximum load bearing is 1500kg;
  Depending on the working condition, the load bearing could be custom designed to suit the particular requirements